Cheryl Savala...Leading from the heart

Photography by Catherine Just

My passion is to help creative leaders define their personal brand…
from the inside out.

I’m proud to stand alongside talented artists, inspiring educators and passionate entrepreneurs who believe whole-heartedly their purpose is to lead from the heart. These visionaries focus on the unseen, articulate the unspoken, explore the unexamined and create the unshaped. Yes, statistics matter and economics count. They also pale in comparison to the conviction and heart of a committed leader.

This is what fuels me…and Menagerie Creative.

In the first 25 years of my career I art directed and designed campaigns for dozens of our culture’s most beloved films including The Star Wars Saga, The Sound of Music, Planet of the Apes and The Princess Bride. Today, I bring that artistry to help brand and market the heart of the story...the artist.

I’m committed to helping creative professionals including musicians, dancers, actors and other performers as well as entrepreneurs and educators, who want to launch a business platform. As an educator, I’ve helped hundreds of creative professionals discover their own distinct artistic voice through individual coaching, workshops, university courses and corporate enrichment programs.

In order to truly connect with artists, I know I have to I walk the walk. My personal art primarily explores lettering and illustrated wordplay…also known as “perceptual ambigrams” and can be seen at 



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